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Catherine M. O’Neill is a playwright and a real estate development consultant. After being shown the door in 2009 from her position in a prominent Boston real estate development firm she did what any normal single urban woman of a certain age would do when they suddenly find themselves jobless with a mortgage and a lot of bills, she got her MFA in playwriting. Before she graduated in 2011 she had a production deal signed for the first play she ever wrote SOUL FIGHT.  Catherine has been very successful as an emerging playwright in the Boston theater scene, her plays have been produced by Boston Actors TheaterArgos Productions and Actor’s Shakespeare Project, Second Act Productions, Outside the BoxNew Urban Theater LabOpen Theatre Project and she is a published Smith and Kraus author. 


Real Estate development and playwriting, on the surface may seem worlds away, but they are very similar. One starts with a blank page and the other with an empty lot; both need teams of talented individuals to create the final product, and although real estate development does not have an “audience” the abutting community, residents, neighbors, elected officials, and City of Boston agencies must applaud the final product. Catherine’s selective real estate development clients include Atlas Investment Group, GFI Partners, BRS Contracting Feel free to contact Catherine to see if your real estate development project is the right fit.


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